Plug-Out Synthesizer SYSTEM-1
 Plug-Out Synthesizer SYSTEM-1
 Plug-Out Synthesizer SYSTEM-1
 Plug-Out Synthesizer SYSTEM-1

Plug-Out Synthesizer

Brand - Roland

AED 2,990.00

Roland Plug-Out Synthesizer SYSTEM-1

Sounds With Character And Loads Of Controls In A Plug-out Capable Synthesizer

Back in the 1970s, Roland launched the SYSTEM 100, SYSTEM 100M, and the now almost mythical SYSTEM 700. These modular and semi-modular synthesizers are heralded to this day for their flexibility and character of sound. In the spirit of its predecessors, the Roland Plug-Out Synthesizer SYSTEM-1 breaks new ground with remarkable flexibility and access to a vast palette of tones with the bold, unmistakable character associated with Roland synthesizers for nearly four decades.

  • Four oscillators for buckets of fat synth tones
  • Oscillator colors create continuous waveform changes from simple to complex
  • All parameters can be controlled with physical knobs and sliders with LED indicators
  • Advanced arpeggiator with Scatter function
  • Scatter jog dial offers 10 different phrase variations with dynamic, real-time control over 10 stages of depth
  • -12 dB and -24 dB filter types with independent high-pass filters
  • Tone knob for easy tonal balancing
  • Crusher knob for modern edge
  • Integrated delay and reverb effects
  • Tempo syncing for LFO and delay
  • Innovative thin keyboard with 25 normal-sized keys
  • Comfortable to play, yet the most compact Roland synth ever

Plug In And Plug-out

The Roland Plug-Out Synthesizer SYSTEM-1 can control—and even host—software recreations of classic Roland synthesizers. That’s right—the Roland SYSTEM-1 gives you access to plug-in versions of legendary Roland synths, and they can be hosted in the SYSTEM-1 itself, with no computer required. You can even switch between the Roland SYSTEM-1’s internal sounds and those of the hosted plug-in. We call this wizardry “PLUG-OUT,” and we’re pretty excited about it.

We think you’ll be excited too once you experience the supreme authenticity of the upcoming SH-101 soft synth, with the SYSTEM-1 providing an intuitive and fully automatic one-to-one control interface that just works. Let’s be honest: who could make a better plug-in version of a classic Roland synth than Roland? And the SH-101 is just the beginning—more PLUG-OUT synths are on the way.

A Few More Things

The Roland SYSTEM-1 looks great, and is designed to work seamlessly with other products in the AIRA series. In addition, you can connect the Roland SYSTEM-1 to your computer via its USB jack to send and receive both audio and MIDI data, including MIDI clock information to sync with external devices and other AIRA units.

System-1 Version 1.1 New Features

  • Backup and Restore — Manage your presets with easy backup and restore over USB.
  • Snapshot — Sends all current knob and slider settings as control change message.
  • Fix LPF CUTOFF Resolution — The increment size for "LPF CUTOFF" when "MODE = SYSTEM-1" was modified.
  • Other Fixes — General improvements to overall operation and PLUG-OUT functionality.

System-1 Version 1.20 New Features

  • Memory function — You can use eight banks, allowing you to store a total of 64 patch memories (8 patch memories x 8 banks).
  • Expanded waveforms added to OSC 1 / OSC 2 — You can use expanded waveforms to make your sounds.
  • Noise Saw: A sawtooth wave with movement similar to an analog circuit. Ideal for making fat sounds.
  • Logic Operation: A waveform that uses a logic circuit to combine multiple waveforms.
  • FM: A frequency-modulated waveform.
  • FM+Sync: Syncs a frequency-modulated waveform to the OSC pitch to produce a scale.
  • Vowel: A waveform similar to human voice.
  • CB: A metallic one-shot sound.

Keyboard 25 keys (without velocity)
Sound Generator Section
Maximum Polyphony 4 voices (SYSTEM-1 Mode)
User Memory 8
Structure Elements (SYSTEM-1 Mode) [Oscillator Section] Wave Form: SAW、SQUARE、TRIANGLE、SAW2、SQUARE2、TRIANGLE2 Knobs: COLOR、MODULATION Source (MANUAL, LFO, P.ENV, F.ENV, A.ENV、SUB OSC), OCTAVE, TUNE Envelope: ATTACK Time, DECAY Time, ENVELOPE Depth Modulation: CROSS Modulator, RING Modulator, Oscillator SYNC Sub Oscillator: -1oct/-2oct Noise: WHITE Noise/PINK Noise Key Mode: MONO/UNISON/POLY[Filter Section] Type: LPF (-12dB/-24dB), HPF Knobs: LPF CUTOFF, RESONANCE, HPF CUTOFF, KEY Follow Envelope: ATTACK Time, DECAY Time, SUSTAIN Level, RELEASE Time, ENVELOPE Depth[Amplifier Section] Envelope: ATTACK Time, DECAY Time, SUSTAIN Level, RELEASE Time[LFO Section] Waveform: SINE, TRIANGLE, SAW, SQUARE, Sample&Hold, Random Knobs: FADE TIME, RATE, PITCH, FILTER, AMP Controller: LFO KEY TRIGER, TEMPO SYNC[Mixer Section] Level: OSC 1, OCS 2, SUB OSC, NOISE[Effecter Section] TONE, CRUSHER, REVERB, DELAY, DELAY TIME
Structure Elements (PLUG-OUT Mode) Depend on PLUG-OUT software
ARPEGGIO Type: 6 Step: 6
SCATTER Type: 10 Depth: 10
Controllers VOLUME knob TEMPO knob PORTAMENTO knob LEGATO button PITCH BEND/SCATTER jog dial SCATTER TYPE dial KEY HOLD button OCTAVE UP/DOWN buttons MOD button Power Switch (Rear)
Connectors PHONES jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type OUT (L/MONO, R) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type PEDAL (HOLD) jack: 1/4-inch phone type PEDAL (CONTROL) jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type MIDI (IN, OUT) connectors USB port: USB type B (Audio/MIDI) DC IN jack
Power Supply AC Adaptor
Current draw 850 mA
Accessories Owners manual AC adaptor Leaflet "USING THE UNIT SAFELY"
Options (sold separately) Pedal switch: DP Series, Footswitch: BOSS FS-5U Expression pedal: EV-5
Size and Weight
Width 472 mm 18-10/16 inches
Depth 283 mm 11-3/16 inches
Height 70 mm 2-13/16 inches
Weight 2.4 kg 5 lbs. 5 oz.

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