Modular VCF

Brand - Roland

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Roland Modular VCF SYS-521

Dual VCF

The Roland SYSTEM-500 is a fully analog recreation of one of the most revered electronic instruments of all time. Newly designed in Eurorack format, the SYSTEM-500 delivers the classic character and functionality of the original with the advantages of a modern instrument. The SYSTEM-500 is made to exacting standards with top-quality components and solid controls, with a collaborative production process between Portland, USA and Hamamatsu, Japan. And it’s surprisingly affordable, turning the fantasy of finally owning this legendary instrument into reality.

The Roland Modular VCF SYS-521 (Voltage Controlled Filter) module features two separate low pass filters for modifying the timbre of audio sources. Each filter has its own dedicated controls for frequency cutoff, resonance, and a fixed high pass filter with two switchable cutoff points. Audio and CV input mixers on each channel allow the blending of multiple audio signals and modulation sources.

Controllers SIGNAL IN 1 slider SIGNAL IN 2 slider SIGNAL IN 3 slider MODULATION IN 2 slider MODULATION IN 3 slider HPF switch FREQUENCY knob RESONANCE knob
Connectors SIGNAL IN 1 jack: Miniature phone type SIGNAL IN 2 jack: Miniature phone type SIGNAL IN 3 jack: Miniature phone type OUT jack: Miniature phone type KEY IN jack: Miniature phone type MODULATION IN 2 jack: Miniature phone type MODULATION IN 3 jack: Miniature phone type
Power Supply Eurorack power
Current draw 40 mA (+12 V) 40 mA (-12 V)
Accessories Owners Manual Leaflet "USING THE UNIT SAFELY" Eurorack installation screws (4 pcs) Eurorack power cable
Size and Weight
Width 81 mm 3-3/16 inches 16 HP
Depth 58 mm 2-5/16 inches
Height 129 mm 5-1/8 inches
Weight 203 g 8 oz

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