Interactive Analog - Digital Crossover Synthesizer

Brand - Roland

AED 2,650.00

Roland Interactive Analog - Digital Crossover Synthesizer JD-Xi

Powerful Compact Synth with Onboard Pattern Sequencer and Vocal FX

Tiny, mighty, and affordable, the Roland Interactive Analog - Digital Crossover Synthesizer JD-Xi puts a true analog synth engine, Roland’s famous SuperNATURAL synth sounds, and many other creative tools under one hood. Equipped with 37 mini keys, this compact instrument delivers fat, warm analog bass and lead tones with ample controls for hands-on tweaking, plus polyphonic PCM essentials like pads, strings, brass, and more. Create impressive loops in a flash with the pattern sequencer and built-in drum kits, and explore expressive vocal textures with the gooseneck mic, Vocoder, and AutoPitch. Small in size and large in versatility, the Roland Interactive Analog - Digital Crossover Synthesizer JD-Xi is all about big sounds and big fun!

  • Interactive crossover synthesizer with analog and digital sound engines
  • Analog synth section provides authentic lead and bass tones
  • Two digital synth sections with SuperNATURAL synth tones
  • Four-track pattern sequencer and high-quality rhythm sounds
  • Included gooseneck mic for use with built-in Vocoder and AutoPitch
  • Process sounds with four simultaneous effects (Effect 1/2, Delay, Reverb)
  • USB for audio/MIDI communication with computer music software
  • Includes a large selection of ready-to-play sounds and patterns
  • Additional sounds and patterns available for download at Roland’s Axial sound library site

Keyboard 37 mini keys (with velocity)
Maximum Polyphony 129 voices (Digital Synth/Drum Kit: 128, Analog Synth: 1) (Max. polyophony of the Digital Synth parts: 64 voices)
Parts 4 Parts (Digital Synth Part: 2, Drums Part: 1, Analog Synth Part: 1)
Tones Digital Synth Tone (SuperNATURAL Synth) Analog Synth Tone PCM Drum Kit * For an analog synth tone, the oscillator, sub-oscillator, and filter sections consist of analog circuits.
Effects Effect1 (Distortion, Fuzz, Compressor, Bit Crusher) Effect2 (Flanger, Phaser, Ring Mod, Slicer) Delay: 2 types Reverb: 6 types
Pattern Sequencer Tracks: 4
Vocal Function Vocoder, Auto Pitch, Auto Note
Other Favorite, Arpeggio
Controllers Pitch Bend/Modulation Wheel
Display 16 characters 2 line LCD
Connectors Headphones Jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type Output Jacks (L/MONO, R): 1/4-inch phone type Input Jack (LINE(MONO) / Guitar Input): 1/4-inch phone type MIDI Connectors (IN, OUT) USB COMPUTER Port (USB Hi-Speed AUDIO/MIDI) (Use a USB cable and a computer with a USB port that support Hi-Speed USB.) DC IN Jack MIC Input Jack: XLR type, unbalance
Power Supply AC Adaptor
Current draw 1,000 mA
Width 575 mm 22-11/16 inches
Depth 245 mm 9-11/16 inches
Height 85 mm 3-6/16 inches
Weight 2.2 kg 4 lbs. 14 oz

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