Expandable Synthesizer

Brand - Roland

AED 2,450.00

Roland Expandable Synthesizer XPS-10

Perfect for gigging musicians and hobbyists alike, the Roland Expandable Synthesizer XPS-10 delivers respected Roland sound and features at a very attractive price. This sleek, performance-ready synth is equipped with over 1500 sounds from the Roland library, including versatile modern tones from the JUNO-Di, classics from the Roland D-50 and Roland XP series, and many others. A wide range of ethnic instrument sounds are on board as well, and it’s even possible to import your own custom sounds via USB memory and assign them to the keyboard! Live playing is further enhanced with a generous selection of hands-on controls, plus convenient Audio Pads for firing off rhythms or backing tracks with a single touch. Easy to carry, easy to use, and filled with top-level sounds, the streamlined Roland Expandable Synthesizer XPS-10 puts Roland quality under your fingers everywhere you play.

  • Pro performance keyboard with a diverse selection of high-quality sounds for live and studio playing
  • Includes a wide range of ethnic sounds, plus a User Scale function for creating regional tunings
  • Sample Import function allows users to import and play custom sounds from the keyboard
  • Six Audio Pads for triggering audio files, loops, and sound effects via USB memory or built-in XPS-10 rhythms
  • Powerful built-in effects—three MFX (each with 78 types) plus global reverb and chorus
  • Intuitive user interface, designed for live performance
  • Quick-access buttons for favorite sounds and split, layer, octave shift, and transpose functions
  • Sound Modify section for real-time sound shaping and level control
  • Arpeggio function with a large selection of adjustable parameters
  • USB Computer port provides MIDI communication with popular music software
  • Compact, durable design with lightweight body (4 kg) for easy transport

Killer Tones for Stage and Studio

The Roland Expandable Synthesizer XPS-10 is packed with over 1500 pro-quality sounds, many of which are derived from the immensely popular JUNO-Di. There’s a vast selection of ready-to-play sounds for covering all music styles, with acoustic and electric pianos, organs, strings, brass, synths, and other essential instruments at your disposal. Also on hand are legacy sounds from past Roland classics, including legendary products such as the Roland D-50, Roland XP-60/-30/-10, SRX Expansion Boards, and more. In addition, many sought-after ethnic instruments and authentic local sounds from around the world make the Roland XPS-10 ideal for playing music styles specific to your region.

Import Your Own Custom Sounds

With the Roland Expandable Synthesizer XPS-10, you’re not limited to just the internal sounds—via USB flash memory, you can integrate your own custom sounds as well. Using the Sample Import function, a WAV audio file stored on USB memory can easily be mapped to the keyboard, with all the appropriate pitches assigned automatically. Multiple audio files can be imported and stored in the Roland XPS-10 (up to a total of 32 MB), where you can them use them in Patch or Performance modes just like the built-in tones. This offers a great way to personalize the keyboard with favorite sounds and unique local instruments.

Enhance Your Performances with Audio Pads

The Roland Expandable Synthesizer XPS-10 panel features six Audio Pads for playing WAV, AIFF, and MP3 audio files while performing. Just load up a USB memory stick with your favorite backing tracks, loops, and sound effects, and then trigger them from the six pads as you like. Loop points can be set for WAV and AIFF files, allowing them to be played continuously with a press of the Loop button. By organizing your audio files on USB memory into groups of six ahead of time with your computer, you can assign them to all six pads at once for different songs or sets. Additionally, the Audio Pads can be used to play the Roland XPS-10’s selection of built-in rhythms, providing convenient backing for practice, jamming, and performing.

Intuitive Interface for Expression On Stage

Designed for live performance, the Roland Expandable Synthesizer XPS-10 easy interface lets you focus on the music. Sounds are organized in logical categories for quick selection, and your favorites can be assigned to dedicated buttons for fast recall. It’s simple to layer two sounds together, or to split the keyboard and play, for example, bass with the left hand and piano or strings with the right. Sound Modify sliders provide instant access to essential parameters such as cutoff, resonance, attack, and release, making it easy to shape your sound in the moment. There are also sliders for adjusting levels for layered and split sounds, reverb and chorus effects, and the Audio Pad section.

Customize the Keyboard with User Scales

The Roland Expandable Synthesizer XPS-10 includes a User Scale function, allowing you to customize the keyboard’s tuning as you wish. Each scale note can be individually adjusted in one-cent increments, providing the fine-tuning control that’s essential for many ethnic music styles. While creating user scales, quarter-tone steps (+/- 50 cents) can be set quickly by holding a button while pressing the desired key. Up to nine different user scales can be stored for easy access while performing.

Mobile and Easy to Carry

Amazingly light and compact, the Roland Expandable Synthesizer XPS-10 is a breeze for one person to transport from place to place. Weighing just 4 kg, it’s ideal for nightclub performers, touring players, and worship musicians, and also great for street gigs, busking, and other mobile performing situations. Thanks to its pro sound and features, the impressive Roland XPS-10 performs like a heavyweight in every venue, from intimate clubs to the biggest concert halls.

Keyboard 61 keys (with velocity)
Maximum Polyphony 128 voices (varies according to the sound generator load)
Parts 16 parts
Preset Memory Patches: 1,273 + 256 (GM2) Drum Kits: 19 + 9 (GM2) Performances: 16
User Memory Patches: 256 Drum Kits: 8 Performances: 128 Favorites: 100
Effects Multi-Effects: 3 systems, 78 types Chorus: 3 types Reverb: 5 types
File Format Audio File: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bits)
File Format Audio File: WAV, AIFF, MP3
External Memory USB Flash Memory (supports USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Flash Memory: Sold Separately)
Rhythm Pattern Preset: 24 groups x 6
Arpeggio Preset: 128
Controllers Pitch Bend/Modulation lever Sound Modify slider x 9
Display 16 characters 2 line LCD
Connectors PHONES jack: Stereo miniature phone type OUTPUT (L/MONO, R) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type PEDAL jack USB COMPUTER port (MIDI) USB MEMORY port DC IN jack
Power Supply AC adaptor
Current draw 1.3 A
Accessories Owner’s manual AC adaptor Power cord
Options Keyboard stand: KS-18Z (Use a stand that causes the height of the unit to be one meter or lower.) Pedal switch: DP series Expression pedal: EV-5 USB Flash Memory (*1)
Width 1002 mm 39-1/2 inches
Depth 251 mm 9-15/16 inches
Height 93 mm 3-11/16 inches
Weight 4 kg 8 lbs. 14 oz.

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