Roland Synthesizer Keyboard Fantom-06
Roland Synthesizer Keyboard Fantom-06
Roland Synthesizer Keyboard Fantom-06
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Synthesizer Keyboard

Brand - Roland

AED 6,299.00

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Roland Synthesizer Keyboard Fantom-06

Unify your creative vision.

FANTOM-0 brings your creative world together, combining the sonic power and fluid workflow of the top-of-the-line FANTOM series in streamlined instruments that go everywhere your inspiration takes you.

Equipped with a newly designed 61-note keyboard, FANTOM-06 has everything you need to create and perform at the highest level. Play and produce with thousands of Roland’s best sounds and unleash your musical vision with a color touchscreen, hands-on controls, and deep computer integration derived from the flagship models.

Learn more about the sounds and features of the FANTOM-0 series.

Other FANTOM-0 Models

Every FANTOM-0 model comes with the same sound engines, panel controls, and I/O. The only difference is the keyboard and the physical specifications of the instrument.


Keyboard 61 keys (with velocity)
Expansion EXZ Series
Parts 16 zones (Internal + External)
Scenes 128 scenes x 4 bank
Tones 3,500 tones or greater
Tone Remain 8 zones
Favorite Rating System: 4 steps (0-3)
Tone Search/Scene Search Rating, Character
Effects Multi-Effects: 16 systems, 90 types
Vocoder Band: 13, 20, 32
Scene Chain Chain: 16 Scenes x 32 Pages (Total 512 Scenes) per 1 Chain set
MIDI Tracks 16
Group 16
Pattern 8 (per each track)
Pattern Length 64 measures
Recording Method Realtime recording, Step recording, TR-REC
Editing Method Piano roll edit (Touch Edit/Automation support), Microscope
Song 1 (per Scene)
File format Original, SMF export/import supported
Size 2 GB
Display Graphic Type, 5.5" (1,280 x 720 dots), backlite LCD (Color/Touch screen, Screensaver, Wallpaper support)
Audio Interface Max 24 bit/96 KHz Record 16 Stereo Channel Playback 2 Stereo Channel
External Memory USB Flash drive (sold separately)
Power Supply AC Adaptor
Power Consumption 1,300 mAh
Accessories Owners Manual AC adaptor
Options (sold separately) Keyboard Stand: KS-10Z, KS-12, KS-20X Pedal Switch: DP series, RPU-3 Expression Pedal: EV-5 USB Flash drive
Width 1,006 mm 39-5/8 inches
Depth 323 mm 12-3/4 inches
Height 95 mm 3-3/4 inches
Weight 6.0 kg 13 lbs 4 oz

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