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Piano Wooden Bench

Brand - Proel

AED 558.00

Excluding VAT

Proel Piano Wooden Bench PB-85SBBBK

Proel Piano Wooden Bench PB-85SBBBK Overview:

Proel PB-85SBBBKAdjustable Benches PB85 Serie - Height adjustable professional wooden bench for piano and organ, single padded seat with imitation leather cover, painted zinc plated steel mechanism, comfortable height adjusting handles. Bright black frame. Black imitation leather cover.

Proel Piano Wooden Bench PB-85SBBBK Technical Specifications:

  • Wooden frame: bright black color
  • Padded seat: black imitation leather cover
  • Seat size: 525 mm x 295 mm
  • Minimum height: 495 mm
  • Maximum height: 575 mm
  • Weight: 7.80 kg


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