aDawliah Group is a leading closed joint stock company. The group has attained its strong position rapidly; in the Arab markets through operating a diversified business strategy, in multiple fields. The Group is a well capitalized and privately held business enterprise, led by a strong management team. The proven track record of aDawliah stems from the ability of its management to identify business opportunities that fit with the Group's core competencies, as well as executing business plans efficiently and professionally. Cur- rently, aDawliah Group is proud to be sole agent for more than 40 famous brands, in various different sectors, with a combined total of 6000 unique products. VVith such diver- sity, one thing remains constant: at aDawliah our focus is always on consistent quality. To conduct the Group's varied business activities, in line with the growing market potential and technological advancements, aDawliah employs a highly qualified team of talented personnel.

    Key Facts at a Glance:
  • aDawliah was founded in 1979, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • The Group's Head Quarters are located in Al-Khobar
  • The company runs 7 operation countries
  • aDawliah employs over 1400 staff