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NEXO Amplifier NXAMP4X4MK2

NEXO’s expertise in DSP control for high-performance loudspeakers is unparalleled in the sound reinforcement industry. And Yamaha has an unrivalled heritage in developing highly efficient and reliable power amplification devices. So when the two collaborate to create a new range of powered controllers, the result is sure to be something special.

Rated at 4 X 4500 Watts, the NXAMP4X4MK2 combines advanced signal processing with four state-of-the-art Class D amplifiers to create a flexible, light-weight powering and control solution for NEXO loudspeaker systems.

Ideal for use in fixed installations and touring, these powered controllers are easy to set up and quick to deploy, with all essential parameters readily accessible via a large colour touch-screen on the front panel and a comprehensive range of control and networking facilities on the rear panel.

Most importantly, the new NXAMPMK2 achieves a whole new level of sound quality, partnering with NEXO speakers to deliver a whole new level of audience experience.

The NEXO NXAMPMK2 ultra-low distortion Class D amplifiers combine 32-bit/96KHz converters and 64-bit signal processing to deliver significant advances in sound quality over the already highly regarded previous generation of NXAMPs. Bass is solid and high-end definition is particularly impressive in a sonic performance that is both articulate and rich with detail. Even at low volumes, the sound is noticeably transparent and pure. The amplifiers integrate three new multi core DSPs providing a future-proofed hardware platform, equipped to host new algorithms and run next-generation firmware updates for years to come.

With a mains voltage range of 100 to 240 Volts it means the amplifiers can be used anywhere in the world and run on all types of power generators. Robust power supplies use PFC (Power Factor Correction) technology to ensure maximum power conversion efficiency and that the current drawn is smoothed and free of spikes to limit the stress on the mains network at all times. A flexible audio input system encompasses four, high end analogue inputs using cascaded converters for low output noise. Four digital inputs are also available through the rear panel expansion card slot offering optional AES/EBU, EtherSound™, Dante™ or AES67 inputs, all with automatic analogue fall-back. A native dual Ethernet card facilitates remote control and daisy-chaining of amplifiers, and seamless integration with Nexo’s NeMo amplifier management software. In addition to the expansion card slot, other rear panel connectivity includes RS232 serial and GPIO ports along with Speakon outputs for each of the four channels. Occupying only 3U of rack space, the NXAMP4X4MK2 weighs in at just 24.9kg.


  • NEXO and Yamaha collaborate to create the perfect, light weight power and control solution for NEXO loudspeaker systems
  • Achieves significant advances in sound quality over previous generation NXAMPs
  • 4 x ultra-low distortion Class D amplifiers
  • 4 x 4500 Watts
  • All essential parameters accessible via a large colour touchscreen on the front panel
  • Universal 100 - 240 mains voltage range
  • Uses PFC (Power Factor Correction) technology
  • Remote control card fitted as standard
  • Optional Dante, EtherSound and AES network cards available


Power Specifications  
Number of channels 4 amplifier channels, 2 by 2 bridgeable
Max output voltage (no load) 4 x 180 V
Max output power (4 channels mode / 8 Ohms load per channel) 4 x 1900 W
Max output power (4 channels mode / 4 Ohms load per channel) 4 x 3300 W
Max output power (4 channels mode / 2 Ohms load per channel) 4 x 4500 W
Max output power (2 channels mode / 8 Ohms load per channel) 2 x 6600 W
Max output power (2 channels mode / 4 Ohms load per channel) 2 x 9000 W
Power consumption (Standby) 10 W
Power consumption (idle) 200 W
Input to Power Out Specifications  
Frequency response 10 Hz - 20 KHz ±1 dB
Input Impedance / Input Sensitivity 20 K Ω / 18 dBu
Dynamic range / TDH + N 110 dB unweighted / Typical 0.01% (Flat setup)
Latency 550 us on a flat setup
Audio AD and DA converters 32-bits @ 96 KHz
Processing 3x multicore 64-bits processing DSPs


Back Panel features  
Analogue audio inputs 4x balanced analogue inputs on XLR3
Power outputs 4×Neutrik Speakon NL-4 outputs
RS232 port 1×DB-9 connector dedicated for DPU connection
GPIO port 1xDB-25 connector with 5x Inputs and 8x Outputs for DMU connection
Expansion slot For networking and digital audio cards, 4x digital audio inputs and remote control
Mains sockets 2x Neutrik Powercon NAC3 (2x 20 A)
User interface and controls  
Front panel buttons and knobs Rotary encoder with push and backlight, tactile screen
Display 4.3 inches diagonal colour display, WQVGZ, 480 x 272
Mains requirements  
Mains voltage Universal power supply with active PFC 100-240 Volts (50/60 Hz)
Power consumption(1/4 max 2 Ω) 6350 W
Dimensions and Certifications  
Dimensions 3U 19" rack, 502mm / 20" depth, 24.9 kg / 54.8 lbs weight
Electrical safety certification cULus, CB (CE), CCC, PSE, KC
EMC certification CE, FCC
Green status Compliant with ROHS directive

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