Proel Exclusive Distributor in Dubai UAE

Proel Exclusive Distributor in Dubai UAE

Proel Exclusive Distributor in Dubai UAE

From Proel Stage Equipments, Sound Systems, Microphones and Headphones, pro audio, keyboards and guitars accessories like (bags, stands) to anything produced by Proel, aDawliah Proel Distributor in Dubai UAE will provide you with the best value for you money. We also provides products by Proel Die Hard, Dexibell Pianos, Axiom Line Attay Systems.

Proel Company History

Proel's history began in 1991 when FabrizioSorbi, current Chairman of the company, set up a group of 6 people operating in the field of connectivity and started manufacturing and selling assembled cables. This founding nucleus has developed up to 120 people, including employees and associates of the whole group. One of the most fundamental steps of this development is the creation, in 1997, of the R&D department which, since its beginnings, has been responsible for the research, design and prototyping of Made in Italy sound reinforcement products.

Proel Exclusive Distributor in Dubai UAE

Historical Headquarters, m² 200, Rented. 1991 – 1993

Proel Exclusive Distributor in Dubai UAE

New Headquarters, m² 1500, Owned. 1994 – 2000

Proel Exclusive Distributor in Dubai UAE

Actual Headquarters, m² 10.500, Owned M2 10.500. Since 2001

Proel Exclusive Distributor in Dubai UAE

Logistics, m² 15.000, Owned. Since 2009

1998 witnessed the acquisition of Tamburo, historic brand of drums and percussions, and the creation of a highly specialized manufacturing unit, characterized, amongst others, by advanced wood processing skills. In 2003 the Proel brand directly took on the challenge of the Lighting & LED sector, resulting in the acquisition of Sagitter, both as a brand and as manufacturing facilities.

Another 2003 fundamental step is the entry of private equity investors into Proel's capital with the acquisition of a minority stake (30%), an important boost to the group's development which allowed its management to rely on qualified advice with regard to corporate management strategic choices. In 2007 Proel acquired Turbosound Ltd., the English company leader in Sound Reinforcement, whose name is associated to world-famous music groups and top international tours Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Dire Straits, The Shadows, Robbie Williams, Jamiroquai, Nine Inch Nails, Natasha Bedingfield, David Gilmour.

Other significant chapters of this history are the launch of the Die Hard branded Esoteric line of music instrument accessories, result of the cooperation with the Physics Department of the University of L'Aquila and of a remarkable commitment to design and innovative technology, and the successful startup in Public Address with products for permanent installations in airports, hotels, shopping centers, railway stations and places of worship, whose strength lies in the capacity to study, design and create systems suitable for any specific requirement.

These are the most significant steps of a development which has led Proel to be a leading benchmark in the industry of production and marketing of audio-video and lighting systems for the world of entertainment, events and installation. A fast-paced growth which has successfully exploited the opportunities of a highly competitive and specialized market.


Proel designs, manufactures and distributes on the international market audio, video and lighting systems for the world of entertainment and special events as well as for fixed installations: a business working in diversified sectors, capable of creating and marketing a complete range of products in each one of these sectors, covering any market requirements.

Since 1991, when the company was set up, its headquarters have always been in Sant'Omero, in the province of Teramo, in central Italy, where, although the original industrial district was not specialized in electronics and audio, Proel managed to create and consolidate an innovative entrepreneurial culture and specific upstream and downstream activities.

Products are distributed in international markets through a widespread network of sales branches, distributors and dealers.

Particularly relevant to the group's structure are its four companies: Proel spa, Proel UK, Proel Korea and Proel Malaysia.

Proel spa is the parent company and operates in the two facilities located in Sant’Omero.

Proel UK is located in London and, besides managing the distribution, servicing and logistics activities for Proel products in the British market, operates in the Musical Instruments, Audio and Installations sectors.

Proel Korea is located in Gyunggi-do (Seoul) and operates in Professional Audio and large installations. It also provides distribution, logistics and customer service for Proel products in the Korean market.

Proel Malaysia is located in petalingjaya (kualalumpur) and operates in the Audio-Lighting-Video sector, designing, supplying and installing large installations. It also provides distribution, logistics and customer service for Proel products in the malaysian market.

Proel is constantly committed to research & development activities, carried out in its Italian and British facilities, and outsources part of its manufacturing in the Far East, in industrial districts guaranteeing quality, logistics consolidation and fast delivery times.

Its main objectives are continuous product innovation, product range expansion, manufacturing procedure and performance optimization: this specific mission presently enables Proel to optimize its manufacturing cycles and develop advanced solutions.

Proel's current market position is the result of its enduring commitment to quality and innovation, focus on pre- and post-sales customer care, strong and consolidated domestic and international distribution networks, investments in R&D and internal product design.

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Proel spa has been ISO9001 certified since 1998.

Proel Exclusive Distributor in Dubai UAE

Proel Research and Development

At Proel R&D involves a series of intense activities carried out in two dedicated facilities, one in Italy and the other in the UK. Both facilities are equipped with sophisticated design, detection, measuring and monitoring equipment which also allowed them to patent various new ideas. Research & Development activities also include technological cooperation and partnerships with specialized university departments.

Proel Exclusive Distributor in Dubai UAE

Electroacoustic Design

Proel Exclusive Distributor in Dubai UAE

Mechanical Design

Proel Exclusive Distributor in Dubai UAE

Digital Design

Proel Exclusive Distributor in Dubai UAE

Electronic Design

Proel Exclusive Distributor in Dubai UAE


The guiding lines of development are product innovation, aimed at continuous product range expansion and performance optimization, and process innovation, thanks to new technologies and innovative testing. Proprietary technological know-how, improvement of production cycles, specialization and implementation of innovative solutions are the result of continuous actions and constant investments in research and development.

It all adds up to a design-oriented approach considered as strategic for development: a team of specialized technicians and engineers is responsible for modeling and implementing product mock- ups through conception, design and development processes and fluid dynamic, structural, technical and kinematic calculations.

Proel Exclusive Distributor in Dubai UAE